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Metal bed frames

When using a Beaudoin frame, what is the height of my box spring (space between floor and box spring)?

Height depends on what kind of footing is used: rollers (casters), or one of the available models of glides. Please refer to chart below to choose the footing you need for your bed frame. Unless otherwise specified on purchase order, Beaudoin frames are delivered with rollers (without locks).

Standard frame

  • With rollers (casters): 7 1/4 inches
  • With plastic glides: 7 1/8 inches
  • With short metal glides: 5 1/2 inches
  • With long metal glides: 7 1/8 inches
  • With adjustable glides: between 5 7/8 and 8 1/4 inches

Low profile frame

  • With rollers (casters): 4 1/2 inches
  • With short metal glides: 2 3/4 inches
  • With long metal glides: 4 1/4 inches

I want to lower my bed. Which frame should I use?

You should choose a frame from our Low Profile Series which allows to lower the height of your bed by 3 to 4 inches. These frames are very popular to go with today's thicker bed sets.

And what if I wish to install a footboard?

Our Headboard/Footboard line of bed frames is available in all standard sizes (755 Series). Another excellent choice would be our Ultimax frame on which a footboard extension can be installed easily.

What bed frame should I use for my California King bed?

You have a few options. Here they are:

  • 510K
  • 910K
  • 910S

My bed has metal bed rails, and I wish to add support in the centre. What types of support products are available?

The G15 Series, and our excellent Steel Rest are made to add support and strength to your frame.

My bed has wooden side rails. The wooden center supports are not sturdy enough. Do you have a support product for that situation?

Yes, we do. We created the Steel Rest Series exactly to replace inadequate wooden supports of that kind. Steel Rest offers a line of sturdy products adapted to this very situation. Steel Rest is easily installed on metal or wooden bed rails.

My bed has broken rollers or glides. Do I have to buy a new frame?

Rest assured, you can actually replace the feet only. We sell all types of feet separately from the frames.

Is it possible to install a Queen headboard on a Double bed?

There again, we have a solution for you… Simply ask about our Modification Plates.

What is the maximum weight for your folding beds?

Our folding beds can support up to 250lb.

What are the height measurements of holes on the headboard flange?

On regular #500 flange (4 inches high) the first hole is at 5.5 inches from the floor, second hole is 2.5 inches higher. Those are standard heights to attach headboards. Flange #755B (6 inches high) has 5 additional holes for a more precise adjustment.

Upholstered bed collection

How to Care for Fabrics?

To prevent soiling, regular dusting is recommended. If staining occurs, the best way to clean it up is to use water and gentle soap. Soak a clean cloth with the solution and gently tap in circular motions. It is important not to rub. To take off excess water, gently tap with a dry cloth. Let air dry, making sure that the cleaned area is not exposed to the sun, as this may damage the fabric. In the case of a more resistant stain, consult a fabric cleaning professional.

Note: it is recommended to first test your soap solution on a less visible area.

What Is the Warranty on Upholstered Beds?

Our upholstered products collection is covered for one year against manufacturing defects. However, warranty is nulled if the product has been covered by another fabric, or if it has been modified in any other way (Ex.: use of a chemical fabric protector).

Do Beaudoin products require any assembly?

Accent chairs require no assembly at all; storage benches only require a simple leg assembly. Only beds take a little longer to assemble. However you will find a simple, illustrated guide inside the box, which will help you installing your bed easily and quickly. A square shank screwdriver (#2 and #3) will be necessary.

Where are Beaudoin products made?

Beaudoin is proud to offer products that are completely made and assembled at its Daveluyville, plant, in central Quebec, Canada. The company thus participates in creating and maintaining quality jobs in the area.

Is it necessary to apply fabric protection?

It is not necessary to apply any chemical protection on fabrics.

Does the foam used for upholstering contain any toxins?

Beaudoin guarantees that foams used for upholstering beds and accent furniture do not contain any halogens, TDCPP or BPDE.

How are fabrics selected?

Beaudoin works closely with suppliers in order to offer a wide choice of fabrics. Fabrics must be trendy, but must also meet specific requirements pertaining to quality, durability, and compatibility to our manufacturing process.

How to buy Beaudoin’s products

Is it possible to purchase a Beaudoin bed online?

First it is important to know that Beaudoin is a manufacturer selling to retailers. So purchasing directly from our website is not possible. However, it is possible to buy online from many retailers’ websites.

Is a catalogue of Beaudoin products available?

Beaudoin does not supply stores with a printed catalogue, as product lines are in constant evolution. The best way to find out about available products is to browse our regularly updated website, where you can quickly and easily get fresh information about our collections.

Beaudoin and the environment

What does Beaudoin do to respect the environment?

At Beaudoin, respect of the environment is an important value. To protect it, the company came up with concrete actions. First, all fabric samples are made from remnants left behind during manufacturing. Also, all unusable fabric surpluses are sent to Centres de Formation en Entreprise et Récupération, where waste is transformed in a variety of useful objects. Several salvage bins are available, and employees very frequently use them. Following implementation of these actions, waste has been reduced considerably, and the company was recently awarded the « Gold » mention by the Recyc Quebec Ici on recycle program.

Merchandise return

What should be done if a problem occurs with a Beaudoin product?

Whatever the problem, the best solution is to contact the salesperson at the store where you bought the piece of furniture. This person can help answer your questions, and will contact Beaudoin in your name. The Beaudoin service team will be glad to assist.