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Julien Beaudoin Ltée: Manufacturing Bed Frames for Half a Century


Julien Beaudoin ltée was founded in 1963 by Mr. Julien Beaudoin. At its beginning, the company was mainly developing Quebec's market, but, before long, it was booming.

In 1987, Beaudoin is bought by Ms. Diane Beaudoin. The company then enters a period of steady growth, developing markets in Ontario, Western and Maritimes provinces. Very rapidly, Beaudoin is recognized as the industry leader, and as the reference for Canadian dealers for everything related to steel bed frames.

In 1997, Beaudoin starts selling its products on the American market. This new expansion phase opens new commercial opportunities, and new technical possibilities as well, which brings the company to further develop its Research and Development activities. This leads to the creation of new models in demand on the American market, but also brings Beaudoin the reputation of a strongly innovative company within the Canadian market.

A third generation joins the forces in 2004. Mr. Brian Crochetière, Diane's son, now acts as Plant Manager. As a Mechanical Engineer, he supervises a large-scale project: the construction of a new plant, on the cutting edge of technology and environmental concerns.

Mr. Crochetière becomes General Manager in 2007. He reinforces the company's deeply set values: mainly the importance of a dedicated and customized customer service.

Therefore, product quality remains a constant concern, but also efficiency in terms of service, delivery, and innovation. And in that, the team is greatly helped by the brand new, state-of-the-art plant, which allows for a quality customer service which is unrivalled in the Canadian-made bed frame market. The company now produces over 200 bed frame, bed rail, and folding bed models. New models are designed as they are required by specific needs of the clientele.

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